Kids Activities in Estes Park

When summer comes alive in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, it’s the perfect time to create lasting family memories with a plethora of kid-friendly activities. From thrilling outdoor adventures to educational explorations, there’s something for every young adventurer.

1. Junior Ranger Program

Kickstart your family’s journey with the Junior Ranger Program at Rocky Mountain National Park. Designed for kids ages 5-12, this interactive program lets children explore the park’s wonders through fun-filled activities. Upon completion, they earn a Junior Ranger badge and a sense of pride in preserving this natural treasure. Click here to learn more!

A family exploring Rocky Mountain National Park

2. Kid-Friendly Hikes

Lace up your hiking boots and hit the kid-friendly trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. The Bear Lake Trail, Emerald Lake Trail, and Lily Lake Loop are just a few of the easier hikes that offer stunning scenery without being too strenuous for young hikers.

Family friendly hikes

3. Poolside Movies at The Ridgeline

With cozy seating, a large screen, and a handpicked selection of child-friendly films, our indoor poolside movies offer an enchanting and memorable adventure for your little movie buffs.

Poolside movies at The Ridgeline Hotel-Estes Park

4. Jeep Tour of Rocky Mountain National Park

Take an exciting tour of Rocky Mountain National Park with expert guides from Wildside 4×4 Tours! Strap the kids in and experience panoramic mountain views from the comfort of a custom open-air Jeep.

Wildside Jeep Tours

5. Explore Downtown Estes Park

Stroll through the charming downtown of Estes Park, filled with quaint shops, ice cream parlors, and restaurants that cater to families. Don’t miss a visit to The Taffy Shop for some delicious treats, or Trendz At The Park for family-friendly souvenirs!

A mother and daughter shopping in Trendz Boutique Shop

6. Ride a Kart & Cascade Creek Mini Golf

Putt your way through water features or race around the track! Ride a Kart & Cascade Creek Mini Golf offers the perfect blend of entertainment for all ages in the heart of Estes Park.

Estes Park mini golf

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